How It Works

PullAds is a free online tool for bloggers that materializes ads out of pre-selected keywords inside a blog.  The goal is to not show ads to users until they want to see them by hovering over the keywords.  For an example article click here.

Typical Amazon AdPullAd as part of a blog (words in bold)
I was looking for a chair that would be easy to carry, strong enough to hold me and with at least one little accessory. My husband and I are both big people, and I needed a chair that would hold us, sitting upright, and not low to the ground so we can sit comfortably and watch our grandkids ball games. The Coleman Oversized Quad Chair is our #1 choice. It has not only a cup holder, but a small mesh flap that will hold a cell phone, attached to that another flap for a book and/or magazine, AND on the opposite side, a small cushioned "cooler" pouch that will hold at least 2 soda cans or water bottles.

Benefits of PullAds

  1. PullAds are not blocked by ad blockers
  2. PullAds increase Click Through Rate (CTR) of affiliate links
  3. PullAds helps scale product ads within the blog

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