Increase blog revenues using different type of Amazon Ads

Amazon provides you with some great ways to improve your revenue simply by placing ads in your content. The best part about it is that you can easily integrate ads into your blog content and generate a lot of revenue this way. But the thing to keep in mind here is that there are different types of ads you can use, and they all provide a different experience. Ideally, you want to learn what types of Amazon ads are there, so you can easily integrate them into your content.

Native Shopping Ads

These ads are designed with a single purpose, and that is to offer your readers a way to recommend new products and services. All of them are placed in a responsive and rather stylish ad unit. You can easily place this at the end of the content. Placing such an ad in the middle seems confusing. The idea is to promote a product inside the blog post, and at the end, you can encourage people to check out some other related products. This can work nicely, as you will generate even more sales.

Most people want to see alternatives to the product that you’re currently recommending. Even if they don’t get the recommended item, they may end up browsing the related products and purchase one that way. So yes, this can actively generate more sales without a problem. Amazon offers relevant recommendations and flexible placement options. Their native shopping ads are also responsive and implementing them is easy, you just place them and forget about their existence!

    • Strip Ad Example (PullAd for Flea and Tick collar for dogs)

    • Grid Example (PullAd for Toilet Paper)

    Search Ads

    The search ads are good because they allow users to check Amazon directly from your website. You can add this towards the end of your blog post if possible. You want to show readers that they can easily find some other models that suit their needs aside from what you already recommended.

    Again, you should place this at the end. But you can also try to add this in the middle if you want too. It’s the type of approach that makes a lot of sense to use. That’s why you may want to opt for trial and error. It’s a very good idea to at least check it out, and the return on investment can be very good as a whole.

    What type of content is best for Amazon Native Ads?

    You want to use Amazon Native Ads with reviews. You can add these ads at the end of your review and if possible, maybe at the middle of your review too. It’s important to offer your readers as many options as possible. Sometimes they may not like the product you’re currently recommended, and that can be quite the bummer. But if you add these Amazon Native Ads, you will offer some interesting opportunities to your readers. Amazon uses retargeting and the user’s browsing history to generate recommendations. So most of these recommendations will make a lot of sense, and they will be relatively easy to browse and use.

    Which type of Amazon ads works best for bloggers?

    As you would imagine, results will differ for everyone. For review websites, the regular recommendation ads tend to work quite nicely. If you have a variety blog with reviews, news and opinion pieces, you will see that search ads tend to be some of the best. However, you can also experiment with custom ads if you want. There’s no real limit in regards to what you can do and what you should avoid. Experimentation is key, and that’s what you want to take into consideration when you use these ads.

    That’s why you should experiment with placing these ads in different locations within your content. Ideally, you want the content to be as comprehensive as possible in regards to the main product that you’re trying to feature. But if you’re not using Amazon Native Ads, you are missing out on a very interesting opportunity to earn more.

    Amazon Native Ads tend to be very good for news blogs too. You can add the ads in the middle of your content. Amazon will still focus on ad retargeting to find the right content for your readers. So yes, the results will be very good and comprehensive every time, which is an extremely important thing to take into consideration.

    In conclusion, every blogger should consider using Amazon Native Ads. These are offering a great way to acquire more revenue from your blog posts. Even if a reader doesn’t like the main product you featured, you can still generate a sale simply via using these ads!

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